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This section will ask some questions to understand your requirements of end points.
How many extensions do you need?(*)
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Extensions are the desk phones (IP-Phone or Analog phones). here we need to know total number of extensions that you need.

How many IP-Phones do you need?(*)
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please advise if we should offer you IP-Phones as well with quantity that you need

Do you have any analog phone that need to be connected to this PBX?(*)
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please advise if we should offer you the PBX that supports analog phones.

Do you need anything special at end point?
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Please mention if you need to connect anything like fax machine, POS, Video Phone, etc.

In this section we will ask some questions about your incoming telephone lines.
How many PSTN lines do you have?
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PSTN lines are incoming telephone lines from telecommunication companies like TM (analog lines)

How many PRI lines do you have?
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PRI lines are Digital lines (also called E1) and able to handle 30 concurrent calls.

Do you have any SIP trunk?
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SIP trunks are IP telephony services that enable you to make calls through internet with better call rate

Here we need additional information about this project
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