Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

For decades, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies have been at the heart of automated business communications. Well implemented IVR can reduce cost, improve productivity and improve customer service as employees and customers can enter or retrieve information from a database via a simple telephone. IVR technology can also be used to allow customers to “self-route” calls to the best possible agent (or agent queue) to help them resolve issues or place orders.
Sangoma can be found in many IVR systems. Our products allow legacy IVR systems to be integrated into VoIP architectures or allow IP-only systems to interface with the TDM network. In addition, they can provide the advanced media and signal processing that may be necessary for implementing these systems around the world.

Web services
Our IVR platform has native Web Services interfaces. We can access data and transact with any public or private web service.

Database Integration
We can probe any database to select or insert information all from within the graphical design tool.

Text-to-speech can play back detailed information such as account status or notes.

Speech recognition
Direct the call with a simple spoken word or phrase. Uniquely, the ctalk contact centre system can play unrecognised requests to a live agent for re-direction without the caller's knowledge.

Proactive automated outbound
Delivery or appointment reminders can reduce missed appointments. Asking clients if they cannot attend and feeding this back allows rescheduling.

Business system integration
We can integrate with any business system or CRM, retrieving information such as customer records, case information.


Applications of IVR

  • A company with many different customer types can look up the CLI of the caller in the database. This allows a custom menu to be played with options that are relevant to that customer.
  • An SMS advertising company can provide an IVR to let clients subscribe/unsubscribe from their advertising campaigns
  • A courier company can offer IVR system for clients to check status of their shipment using phone system and web service
  • A medical center can offer booking system through IVR server
  • A bank, building society or credit union can offer telephone banking facilities for account balance, transaction history, bill payment, money transfer etc., using a self-service application.
  • A taxi company can look up the caller's number to see their frequently chosen journeys and offer these automatically.
  • A breakdown company can locate the caller from the position of their mobile phone.
  • A company can take credit card payments using an IVR. PCI-DSS compliant credit card authorisation can be carried out by an IVR removing the requirement for restrictions within the contact centre and data storage regulations.
  • A Utility company can take meter readings, address changes, burst pipe or power failure information automatically preventing large call peaks.