Sangoma and 3CX have a long established partnership that ensures the tight integration of any of our Media Gateway Products with a 3CX System.

Whether you choose to implement NetBorder Express Gateway Software running co-resident on your 3CX server or one of our Vega VoIP Gateway, you can be assured that both Sangoma and 3CX are committed to delivering a smooth integration.

The NetBorder Express series is an internal gateway software that offers a very tight level of integration by having the VoIP gateway application running co-resident on the same server as the 3CX application. With the addition of a Sangoma TDMinterface card, the extra capacity of the server is leveraged into a full-fledged VoIP gateway.

Sangoma NetBorder Express and 3CX

  • NetBorder Express supports the analog, digital and BRI interfaces with the help of Sangoma telephony cards
  • FXO,FXS protocols are supported with the A200 and B600 cards
  • T1, E1, J1 PRI ISDN and MFC/R2 protocols are supported on the A101,A102, A104 and A108 cards  
  • BRI ISDN protocol is supported on the A500 card
  • Sangoma also offers the B700, a hybrid card that supports both BRI ISDN and analog FXO/FXS protocols

Vega Gateways and 3CX

The Vega series are external gateways appliances.  They may be more appropriate solution when running 3CX in an virtualized environment, when 3CX is being implement on servers with the capability to have a Sangoma TDM Interface Board installed into them, or when the TDM De-Mark is not at the same location as the 3CX Server.

The Vega series offers 3 form factors:

  1. Vega50: Low Density
    Supports Analog FXO/FXS and ISDN BRI
  2. Vega400: up to 4 T1/E1
    Suports ISDN PRI/Q.SIG, CAS/R2
  3. Vega3050: up to 50 ports of FXS
    Used as a reverse-gateway for FXO failover

Sangoma now offers both internal and external VoIP media gateways to ensure the most complete and flexible offering for the 3CX community.