Session Border Controller (SBC) Virtual Machine VoIP Security at its Best

As the demand for virtualized infrastructures increases, the Sangoma Virtual Machine (VM) Session Border Controller (SBC) is the perfect solution for Enterprises and Carriers who need VoIP security as well as transcoding benefits, while keeping their existing hardware. The virtual Machine edition of our award-winning SBC offers the same rich functionality as that of our hardware-based SBCs but is 100% software. This means no additional power, space or cabling requirements to implement. Sangoma Enterprise (VM) SBC is designed to work in leading edge virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Amazon Web Services. It is also compatible with most commercially available motherboards and servers so that you can install the software directly to bare metal too!

The Enterprise Virtual Machine SBC is field-upgradable to 500 simultaneous calls and with built-in redundancy this makes the Sangoma Virtual Machine SBC the most cost-effective flexible solution with unmatched reliability. An advanced webGUI is used for configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting

Why do I need SBC?

Why Sangoma SBCs?

Virtual Machine Enterprise SBC

  • 25-500 simultaneous calls
  • Install in your own VM infrastructure or directly on bare metal
  • Hardware transcoding options offer support for G.729, G.722, G.726, G.723.1, iLBC, AMR, G.722.1 codecs and T.38 fax relay
  • Enterprise Inter-Site Networking and SIP Trunking
  • Local Security Management for SMBs and Small Enterprises
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Advanced Web GUI

Browser-based GUI use for configuration, control and monitoring of SIP trunks, network connections and security threats. Easy to use dialplan routing for basic and advanced call routing configurations. System logs and reports are also available directly from the GUI.

Diagnostic Tools

Browser based dashboard featuring time based graphing, system and session error reporting and email notifications upon faults. Onboard PCAP training tool capturing signalling and media, eliminating the need for extra port mirrors or hubs

Simplified Licensing

All SBCs are field upgradable and licensing is per session based, which means all the features are always included – No sticker shock. Predictable SBC capacity and cost in every use case

Flexible Installation Options

Our Virtual Machine SBC is compatible with most commercial servers and virtual machines. Turn your entire server into an SBC, or create a VM SBC with an easy to install ISO image. The choice is yours.


Protection against malicious attacks such as Denial-of-Service, Fraud, BYOD, and SIP & RTP flooding. Toll fraud protection against hackers breaking into VoIP systems causing financial turmoil. Topology hiding for protection against exposing network routes.

Hardware Transcoding Options

Combine the VM with our compact D150 transcoding module to enable the G.729, G.722, G.726, G.723.1, iLBC, AMR and G.722.1 codecs and T.38 fax relay. This guarantees interoperability with any ITSP, SIP trunk or softswitch and compresses audio for optimizing voice bandwidth.