Connecting Legacy Equipment to an IP PBX

As enterprises continue to evolve their communications infrastructures into a pure SIP/VoIP environment, they often discover that there is still the need to connect older non-VoIP equipment to their VoIP infrastructure or directly to the PSTN.  Many of these older, but necessary endpoints (i.e. fax machines, postage machines, alarm systems) simply will not function reliably over a VoIP network.
There may also be instances where it is more cost effective to use a “Plain Old Telephone” as an endpoint on a VoIP network, rather than an expensive VoIP phone.   Ruggedized phones may already be in place on construction sites or in other locations where the risk of damage is great.  Entry and elevator phones may already be integrated into existing systems that cannot be easily replaced by an IP endpoint.
A Sangoma Vega VoIP gateway can be configured to deliver a PSTN  dial tone to endpoints that need it, or it can be configured to act as a proxy for plain old telephony, making it appear to the network as an IP endpoint.
Examples of these legacy end-points include:

  • Analog door entry phones
  • Lift/elevator phones
  • Point of sale machines
  • Faxes
  • Modems
  • Franking machines (mail/post provider stamping machine, e.g. Pitney Bowes machine from Canada Post or the UK Royal Mail)